About the all American freedom awards ...

This is a TV show like no other, and a true, breath of fresh air! Join us as we honor and celebrate the very best of America. This is a show for ALL Americans to be entertained, feel appreciated, proud & inspired. 


Need we say more? Ok, we will:

America began as an experiment ... A bunch of displaced "crazy" people who shared a common vision of liberty and freedom and justice for all. The experiment REJECTED eons of monarchs, dictators, divine-rights-of-kings, and all the other BS that goes with it! Indeed, what an extraordinary family we are. 

The experiment is working :)

That's America, Baby!

1 Country, 1 Team, 1 Family

History Begins in 2019 ...

Beginning October 6th, 2019, The All American Freedom Awards becomes a pilot TV series airing on ABC-7 every Sunday at 11 am, and continues through December 29th, 2019.

Each episode will feature our award categories, the nominees, winners, and entertaining “back-stories.” 

We'll feature amazing veterans and first responders who, after all, have afforded us the many blessings of liberty. 

We'll showcase patriotic businesses who help America run. 

And, we also want YOU! Our AMERiTUDE CHALLENGE will feature YOUR own displays of patriotism, e.g., house decorating, patriotic block parties, clothing, etc. And, YES, we will be awarding some seriously-huge cash prizes!

Adding to the inspiration, we'll bring you the "new, best of America" … Kids in grades K-12 who participate in our essay contest, "Why Do I Love America?"

In 2020, the celebration gets WAYYY bigger with our Super-Mega-Epic Gala!

The 2020 All American Freedom Awards will be the biggest, bestest, over-the-toppest live event … just visualize something on the order of the "Academy Awards" for America! 

Now, picture walking the red carpet (but of course ours will be Red, White & Blue!) In fact, we've already begun a dialogue with DOZENS of A-List celebrities … Actors, Singers and even Athletes. 

Combine this with THOUSANDS of kids writing inspiring essays; MILLIONS of Americans rising to the Ameritude Challenge … and the FUN of winning HUGE CASH PRIZES! 

And we're still not done … add in all the inspiration from our "Mother of America," and our American Heroes awards with tributes to our veterans and first responders. 

And, still, lots more surprises to be added!

America's most patriotic city?

America's Dude with Ameritude!?

Let's roll ...

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All American Freedom Awards

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